Celebrities We'd Most Like To Elect President

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May 25, 2017

More People Want to See Tom Hanks as President Than The Rock 

On "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON announced his phony 2020 presidential campaign, with TOM HANKS as his running mate.  But America would probably be happier if they flipped the ticket.

According to Ranker.com, Hanks is the celebrity we'd MOST like to see in the Oval Office, while The Rock only came in FOURTH.  Here's the Top 10 as of last night.  1.  Tom Hanks, 2.  Ellen DeGeneres, 3.  Morgan Freeman, 4.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, 5.  Jon Stewart


Michael Jordan's Smelly, 33-Year-Old Shoes Could Sell for Over $100,000 

How much would you pay for a smelly, 33-year-old pair of shoes? 

What if they were owned by MICHAEL JORDAN?  Autographed, and from the 1984 Olympics?  Well, someone is expected to pay over $100,000 for them.

The shoes are currently up for auction.  They're size 13, and they're considered in great condition, especially after taking into account their age and the wear and tear of actual game use.

And to make them even MORE rare, they're CONVERSE.  Shortly after the Olympics, Jordan signed his legendary deal with Nike.


Retread Romance: Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp

Are MEG RYAN and JOHN MELLENCAMP giving their relationship yet another shot?

RadarOnline.com reports the duo headed out to dinner near her vacation home on Martha's Vineyard last weekend. The rocker and actress parted ways three-years-ago and John recently revealed that she, quote,  "hates me to death."


Ariana Grande Cancels All Concerts Through June 5

In the wake of the terrorist bombing in Manchester, England, Ariana Grande has canceled all of her concerts through June 5th until her team can address new security concerns.