A Celebrity Packed Hurricane Harvey Telethon Is Coming

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August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Telethon

There's going to be a telethon for Hurricane Harvey relief on September 12th on all the major networks.  It'll be held in three cities:  L.A., New York, and Nashville.

Texas native Jamie Foxx will host from L.A., possibly with Hilary Duff, who's from Houston.  Michael Strahan will host from New York.

Reese Witherspoon and Blake Shelton will host from Nashville. 


Jerry Seinfeld Thinks Bill Cosby Is the "Biggest Comedian of All Time" 

If you were a fan of BILL COSBY before all the rape accusations, could you still appreciate his career, knowing what you know now?  Or is everything he accomplished tainted for you?

JERRY SEINFELD was on NORM MACDONALD's online show this week, and he said that Cosby is the "biggest comedian of all time."

He said, quote, "I don't think anyone will ever match his production and quality of material."  Norm didn't say anything for a few seconds, which made for an awkward silence, but then he said he loved Cosby too.

Jerry asked Norm if it bothered him to appreciate Cosby's career, knowing all the "horrible things" he did.  Norm said, quote, "Not at all." 


OJ Simpson’s Kids Want Nothing To Do With Him When He Is Paroled

When O.J. Simpson was granted parole, he said that he looks forward to spending a lot of time with his children.  Well, that might not happen.

A new book called “Killing Time” claims that OJ’s adult kids don’t want anything to do with him when he is released.

Apparently, the children OJ had with Nicole Brown, 31-year old Sydney and 29-year old Justin were the first to distance themselves from their dad.  OJ’s has two other kids, 48-year old Arnelle and 47-year old Jason.  Only Arnelle will talk to him – at least according to this book.

OJ will be released from a prison in Nevada in October.