Is Charlie Sheen Broke?

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

April 18, 2017

Idle gossip & unconfirmed rumors, from less than credible sources is the recipe for an awesome Dirt Alert!


It’s Time For Some “Sheenanigans!”

Is CHARLIE SHEEN on the brink of financial ruin?

Sources tell the former "Two and a Half Men" star has blown through "all his millions and can't find work."

Charlie is a huge baseball fan and has some high-priced memorabilia, so the latest rumor is that he’s so desperate that he’s hoping to sell the precious 1927 World Series ring that belonged to BABE RUTH!

On the bright side, it could go for a million bucks.


Prince's Doctor Prescribed Oxycodone in a Friend's Name 

It sounds like PRINCE was pretty deep into his prescription painkiller addiction. 

This Friday is the one-year anniversary of PRINCE's death, and there are still some unanswered questions about how it went down.  According to some newly released documents, he was good at hiding his addiction to prescription drugs.

A doctor who saw Prince in the days before he died said he prescribed him the painkiller oxycodone -- but it was under the name of Prince's friend Kirk Johnson.  Supposedly, the doctor did this to "protect Prince's privacy."

They also found several dozen fentanyl and hydrocodone pills hidden in Bayer and Aleve bottles.  For now, no criminal charges have been brought in his death, but the homicide investigation is still open.


Jennifer Garner’s 45th Birthday Party

Just hours after attending Easter church service with soon-to-be-ex-husband Ben Affleck and their three children, Jennifer Garner’s friends threw her an epic birthday bash at Little Beach House in Malibu Sunday.

20 of Jennifer’s girlfriends showed up, including Reese Witherspoon. Apparently, the whole “going through a divorce” thing wasn’t even on Jennifer’s mind.  Sources say she looked happy and even gave a little speech to thanked everyone for coming.

Ben Affleck was NOT invited.