Check Out This Brilliant Way To Protest Potholes

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May 24, 2017

A Brilliant Way To Protest Potholes!

Now this is a brilliant way to protest!

Residents of Oxfordshire, England, are tired of their council not filling the potholes in their roads.

So, a business donated a bunch of rubber ducks and protestors took them and floated them in the rain-filled potholes.  People had to slow down to drive around the ducks.

Residents feel the potholes are a safety risk to drivers and wanted to get the attention of the council.  The council agrees that the potholes are a problem --but not a safety concern.


Woman Trying To Buy Birthday Card Gets Locked Inside A CVS

A woman trying to buy a birthday card had to call police when she was accidentally locked inside a CVS store in central Florida.

Lillian Rimmel stopped in at the CVS around 9:50pm to make a quick purchase, not knowing that the store closed at 10:00.

After she was done selecting her purchases (after 10:00), she walked toward the check out and triggered a motion sensor alarm, which sent trap doors crashing down and barricading her inside.

Yes, a metal security gate blocked the front entrance as sirens blared. So, Lillian stood in front of a security camera (so they’d know she didn’t steal anything) and called the cops, who contacted the store manager to come and let her out.

A CVS spokesman said Monday that the company "sincerely apologizes" for the incident.


You Can Now Blast Your Cremated Remains Into Space

When you think of funerals you probably don't think of outer space, but maybe you should.

There is a new company called “Elysium Space” that will soon be launching people's ashes into outer space – for a mere $2,500.  The company is made-up of a group of former-NASA personnel and so-called "funeral experts."

Once customers are registered, they receive a container for their loved one's ashes. The ashes will then be shot into space on-board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.  After launch, the capsule containing the ashes will orbit the Earth for two years, then the Rocket returns to earth.

The ashes will incinerate when the container enters the earth’s atmosphere, allowing your loved one to go out in a literal flaming ball of glory.

The company will also offer an app that allows customers to track the ashes as they orbit the planet.