China Is Shaming Jaywalkers With Facial Recognition

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June 23, 2017

China Is Shaming Jaywalkers With Facial Recognition

Authorities in China have installed a new device called the "Electronic Police" at intersections in several cities.

The “Electronic Police” detects when people are jaywalking, snaps a photo of the offenders and uses facial recognition to pull up their images in police database.

Once police confirm a match, the person has to pay a fine – but it gets worse – they are also publicly shamed. Their photo and personal details, including parts of their ID number and home address, are displayed on a large screen for everyone to see.

It may be cruel, but it is working.  Police say that since installing the system in May, they have caught over 6,200 jaywalkers…and the number of jaywalkers has now dropped from about 200 a day to just 20 a day.


A Guy Trips Over His Pants During a Robbery and Slams Head First Into His Getaway Car

I hope this guy uses whatever he stole to buy himself a nice, sturdy belt.

Two guys broke into a car that was parked in a driveway in Wellington, Florida early last Sunday morning.  They grabbed what they could, and started running back to their getaway car.

Well, ONE of the guys ran.  The other one tried to, but his shorts fell down, he tripped, and he wound up crashing HEAD FIRST into the side of the getaway car.  Security camera got a PERFECT look at it.He did manage to eventually get inside, but he may've gotten a concussion in the process.

The guys stole a phone charger, some loose change, and a $500 stethoscope and the cops are still trying to track them down.  (Here's a link to the video).


Green Bay Football Fan Becomes 'Packer' By Taking Wife's Last Name

We have to wonder if this marriage is going to last. 

A man named Ryan Holtan-Murphy married a woman named Marie Packer at the Willis Tower in Chicago on Saturday and proudly bragged about how he was going to take HER last name! 

But, Ryan didn’t want to become Mr. Packer out of love or respect of his wife.  Nope, He wanted to be Mr. Packer to display his undying loyalty to his beloved Green Bay Packers.

The couple is honeymooning in the Caribbean as Ryan waits for his official name change.