Cigarettes, BAD!  Vaping, Worse!

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March 2, 2017

Cigarettes, BAD!  Vaping, Worse???

We have more proof that vaping can be just as dangerous as smoking, if not worse!

Here’s the story, and it’s FREAKY!!!  TERRENCE JOHNSON was chatting outside a restaurant after a "great meal" when there was "an explosion and flames everywhere."

Turns out the battery for Terrence's e-cigarette exploded when it hit some change in his pocket, left him with severe, third-degree burns and his wife, RACHEL, is grateful their children weren't standing next to him.

Mr. Johnson will need skin grafting on his thigh while Ms. Rex claims his "vaping days are over."


A Guy Gets Six Months in Jail for Using 'Facebook Live' in Court

24-year-old Jonathan Davis was sitting in the gallery at an attempted murder trial last Thursday in Gainesville, Florida. 

Apparently he was friends with the guy on trial.   However, someone noticed he was recording VIDEO with his cell phone.  Which you're not allowed to do. 

One of the bailiffs took his phone and it turned out he wasn't just recording, he was LIVE-STREAMING the trial on Facebook.  Which you're REALLY not allowed to do.  The judge ended up finding him in contempt and sentenced him to SIX MONTHS in jail for it.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Jonathan is a pretty shady guy.  He was sentenced to 18 months for drug possession in 2015, and he was locked up in 2009 for felony battery, burglary, and false imprisonment. 


A Man Stabs Himself to Try to Get the Day Off Work

I think this guy needs to look into a career change.

54-year-old Masaru Miura was STABBED in the bathroom of a subway station last Wednesday morning.  He told the cops someone had come up behind him and stabbed him in the left hip with a five-inch knife.

But while paramedics treated him and the cops talked to him, they started seeing some holes in his story and they realized he'd stabbed HIMSELF.  So why did he do it?  Because he wanted to get the day off work.

He was arrested for interfering with police duties and taken to jail. 

Stupid Criminals!!!

On the bright side, he DID get to miss work.