A Company Is Buying Blood From Young People To Inject Into Old People

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June 21, 2017

A Company Is Buying Blood From Young People To Inject Into Old People

It sounds like the plot of a movie, but a new company called Ambrosia is real, and it aims to give older people blood transfusions from young people to help them reverse aging.

Basically, the company pays for the blood of young people under age 25, and then sells blood transfusions of the “young blood” to anyone over age 35 -- for a fee of $8,000 per transfusion.  The company claims it will reverse aging with each transfusion you get!

The founder of Ambrosia says he has about 100 clients who have all seen their blood biomarkers for heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's lessen with each transfusion.  There is no scientific evidence to back this up.


Six Prison Inmates Called 911 and Saved a Guard's Life

Six prison inmates in Georgia were out cutting the grass at a cemetery last Monday as part of a work program.  And a guard who was with them COLLAPSED.  He was the only guard there, so the inmates could have grabbed his gun, or just jumped in the van they came in and escaped.

But instead, they used his phone to call 911and took off his bulletproof vest in case they had to do CPR.  He was out for about a minute and paramedics got there pretty quick so he’s going to be ok. One of the inmates told the local news they never even thought about running.  They just knew he needed help.

The local sheriff said he's proud of them for doing the right thing.  And the prison threw them a pizza party to say thanks.  (Here's a photo of the six inmates who helped him.)


Snapchat Busts A Cheater And His 7 Girlfriends Become Friends

It's a plot line right out of a romantic comedy, but this happened in real life.

A group of seven women found out through a Snapchat message that they were all dating the same guy.  Nathan, the guy in question, created a group chat to all of his girlfriends that contained the message "Hey beautiful."

Well, he apparently didn't realize that all of the women on the message would be able to see all the other women it was sent to. One of the gals quickly named the group chat, “Nathan's Beautiful Girls," and then the ladies began to share their stories.  Most of the women had never met Nathan in person, but he made each woman think he was only seeing them.

Now all 7 women have become friends and are planning to meet later this summer.  Oh, and they all dumped Nathan.