Cooking Smelly Food Is An Actual Crime! (Freak Files)

April 7, 2017

A Court Rules That Cooking Smelly Food Is a Crime

I love this:  When you cook food that smells terrible, you're not just being rude to your neighbors, you're guilty of OLFACTORY MOLESTATION.

There was just a case in Gorizia, Italy where some neighbors took a married couple on their block to court over the TERRIBLE SMELL of their cooking.  Apparently the couple were big fans of a fried seafood dish that smells like pure death.

The case went back and forth through the appeals courts until it made it all the way up to the highest court in Italy, basically their equivalent of the Supreme Court.

The judges just ruled that the couple WAS guilty of antisocial behavior, since their cooking was, quote, "beyond the limits of tolerability" and qualified as, quote, "olfactory molestation."

They have to pay a fine of $2,100. 



Catfish Falls From Sky Into Couple's Pool

Have you ever heard of flying catfish?  Well, these are the Freak Files. 

Earlier this week, an unnamed couple in Winter Haven, Florida was watching TV in their living room when they heard a loud crash on the screened-porch surrounding the pool in their backyard. 

When they rushed outside, they found a large hole in the screen and a huge catfish swimming in their pool.  

Police helped get the fish out of the pool, and eventually came to the conclusion that a bird of prey must've accidentally dropped the fish over their screened porch.

The lucky fish, which did not seem to have any severe injuries, was released into Lake Ruby.



CVS Accidentally Locks a Guy Inside a Store Overnight

A 56-year-old was at a CVS in Trenton, Michigan back on March 31st and he fell asleep in the store's blood pressure cuff chair. 

Somehow the employees didn't see him as they were closing up, and they locked him in the store.  When he woke up, he realized he was stuck there.  So he decided to have a snack.

He ate some Fig Newtons off the shelf, drank a bottle of TruMoo milk, and then he managed to finally do something that triggered the alarm.  The cops got there around 1:00 A.M. and got him out.

That’s when CVS said they wanted to CHARGE the guy for the snacks he'd eaten.  But apparently they realized that was going to make them look pretty bad, so they changed their mind and decided the Fig Newtons and milk were on the house.