The Coolest Thing To Do If You Find Diamonds In An Old Chair

August 5, 2016

Couple Discover A Stash Of Diamond Jewelry In A Dusty Old Chair

In 2010, Angela and Angus Brown bought an old dusty chair at an auction for $6, but since they couldn’t afford to re-upholster the antique chair, they put it in their attic.

Well now (6-years later) they CAN afford to re-upholster the chair and when Angus was preparing to move the chair back downstairs, he discovered a pile of hidden diamonds tucked into the cushions!  About $7000 worth of Diamonds!!!

But rather than sell the diamonds, Angus kept his discovery a secret from his wife, Angela, and had them all made into jewelry, which he would give to her on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, her birthday, even Easter!

Angus finally ran out of the diamonds and confessed the truth to his wife, but Angela wasn’t mad.  She said that was the best thing to do with the diamonds!


Try This Next Time You Get A Ticket For Running A Red Light!

Actor STEVE TOM, who's 62, has appeared on shows like "Major Crimes," "Parks and Recreation" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," got a ticket in the mail for almost five hundred bucks for turning right on red in his Land Rover.

However, Tom doesn't own a Land Rover, he drives a Prius, and told the police that. But, they insisted they had him on video driving the car and he had to pay.  So Tom hired a private detective and tracked down BARRY L. BABCOCK, who happens to look A LOT like Tom.

Tom took the department to court and insisted that his look-a-like was driving and Tom was let off the hook.  No word on what happened to Mr. Babcock.


What We Do For Our Pets!

A lady in Florida lost her kitten in the dashboard of her car.

DENISE NEAL of Vero Beach was driving home with her newly adopted kitty when it crawled up into the dash and wouldn't come out. Denise tried to lure the pet out with food and water, but it wouldn't budge.

After 20-hours, the distraught pet owner allowed mechanics to destroy the 1995 Monte Carlobecause the only way to rescue the cat was to cut the dashboard in half with a chainsaw!!!!!

The vehicle is a total loss.  But, the kitten is said to be doing great.