A Cop Asks for a Woman's License And She Pulls Out A Burrito

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June 5, 2017

A Guy Mows His Lawn With a Giant Tornado Behind Him

I guess when you finally decide to get your yard work done, you're not going to let anything get in your way.

Theunis Wessels from Three Hills, Alberta, Canada was mowing his lawn on Friday as a TORNADO passed through the area.  And his wife took a CRAZY picture of him mowing with the giant tornado looming behind him.

But he says it was fine . . . because he was keeping an eye on it.  (click here to see the picture)


Stupid Criminal Busted By A Key Fob

South Carolina police say a jail inmate tried to escape but was thwarted by an ordinary citizen.

Prisoner EZEKIEL STEVENSON was being guarded by police during a hospital visit, but cops say he broke free, pulled a driver from a car, and tried to make a getaway.  However, officers say Stevenson wasn’t counting on the quick-thinking driver, who held onto his key fob.

The unidentified driver used the device to shut off the car's engine, preventing Stevenson's getaway.  Cops say Stevenson tried to lock himself in the vehicle so they couldn't get him, but the driver had the key fob and he would just simply unlock the car every time STEVENSON would lock it.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The cops were finally able to pull the suspect out of the car.


A Cop Asks for a Woman's License, and She Pulls Out a Burrito

Women constantly have to dig through their purse to find stuff.  And they really do have EVERYTHING in there . . .

A 39-year-old Russian woman named Alexandra Ignatkina got pulled over in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  A cop clocked her doing 101 miles an hour in a 70 mile-per-hour zone.  When he asked for her license, she went into her purse, and pulled out an unwrapped, half-eaten BURRITO.

The cop also found an empty mini-bottle of wine in her purse, of course, another one in the center console, and a third bottle that was about half full.

She took a breathalyzer test, blew more than twice the legal limit, and ended up with a DUI.  Click here to see her mugshot