Cop Mistakes Doughnut Icing For Meth

July 29, 2016

Cop Mistakes Doughnut Icing For Meth

64-year-old Daniel Rushing was driving around Orlando last December when his life hit a serious speed bump.

He was pulled over by a police officer for a minor traffic violation and the cop spotted a "rock-like substance" on the floorboard of Daniel’s car.  She thought it was crystal meth, so she did two field tests – and they came back positive.

Daniel was immediately arrested and spent the next 10 hours in jail.  The only problem: The substance in Daniel’s car wasn’t meth – it was crumbled glaze from a doughnut.  Daniel tried—and failed—to explain this to the police during his arrest, but they didn’t believe him and he had to post bond.

Several weeks later, a lab test of the substance confirmed that the flakes weren’t meth – clearing Daniel of all charges!

There's no explanation for the original false positives.  Daniel has hired an attorney with plans to sue the city for damages in August.


Evil Airlines

It's scary enough letting your teenager fly alone, but when he bumped from his flight and has to sleep at the airport, it's petrifying!

HAYDEN LEVY visited his relatives in Nova Scotia and landed in Toronto for his layover to Halifax. He was bumped from his flight.  Air Canada gave him a $10 dollar voucher to buy food and he ended up sleeping on the floor of the airport for 24 hours.

When his grandfather called the airline, they apologized but said he was too young for a hotel room!  They gave him a $400 dollar voucher for future travel, and that was later upped to $800.  His grandfather told the airline, he doesn't care about the vouchers but wants the policy changed to protect young travelers.

Pot-Growing Competition Coming To Oregon State Fair

A new crop will be featured at the Oregon State Fair this year: marijuana.

The fair awards prizes for the curviest vegetable and the most misshapen fruit, and this year marijuana plants will also be on display to be judged by a panel of growers.  The plants will have ribbons just like any other prize-winning crop.

9 marijuana plants will be displayed in a greenhouse and monitored by a security guard. Only people over 21 will be allowed inside.

But, for people that are hoping for a sample of the competing marijuana crops – they’ll be disappointed.  It’s not for sale.