Cops Called After a Taco Bell Runs Out of Mild Sauce (Freak Files)

March 24, 2017

Police Have to Intervene After a Taco Bell Runs Out of Mild Sauce

Taco Bell is generous, and not just because they'll give you six days' worth of calories for about nine bucks. 

They're generous because if you ask them for hot sauce, they'll give you a huge handful of packets.  They're good people.  But that backfired earlier this week.  A woman went through the Taco Bell drive-thru in South Euclid, Ohio and asked for some mild sauce.

Unfortunately, the store was totally out and only had the FIRE sauce left.  The woman was so angry that she wouldn't move out of the drive-thru line until they either gave her a 50% discount or found her some mild sauce.

The employees wound up calling the cops and they got the woman to leave.  She said she'd be back the next day to talk to the manager, but we don't know if she followed through. 


An Angry Gamer Smashes His Head Through a Computer Screen

Have you ever gotten so angry at a video game, you threw the controller, then felt the SHAME wash over you for being that upset by it?

Here's how REAL gamers do it.  A guy in China was playing "League of Legends" at an Internet café last Thursday.  He got so angry at his teammates, he smashed his HEAD straight through the COMPUTER SCREEN.

His head was stuck halfway through it, long enough for someone to take a picture.  Most people online are making fun of him, some are actually impressed! 

There's no word on his condition, how much the screen cost, or if he had to pay for it.  (click here to see a picture.)


A Tech-Savvy Four-Year-Old Used Siri to Save His Mom's Life

It's crazy how good kids are with technology.  And one mom in England is ALIVE today because of it.

A woman in London had some sort of medical emergency this month, and lost consciousness.  No one was with her except her three kids.  The oldest one is four.

When the 4-year-old realized something was wrong, he grabbed her iPhone, pressed his mom's thumb on the screen to unlock it, and called for help using Siri.

Emergency responders showed up about 13 minutes later and saved his mom's life.  It's not clear what was wrong, but they say she wouldn't have made it if they hadn't gotten there so fast.