Couple Wins Their THIRD Major Lottery Jackpot

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June 14, 2017

Colorado Couple Wins Third Major Lottery Jackpot

Talk about being lucky! 

A couple in Colorado, whose names were not released, just won $500,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. But, this wasn’t their first time to win the jackpot.

 Lottery officials revealed the couple had previously won lottery jackpots for $4,000 and $5 million, all from scratch-off contests in the state of Colorado.

The couple has labeled their latest winnings as a "retirement fund."


People Are Putting Locks on Their Milk to Keep Their Coworkers From Taking It

If you bring milk for your coffee to work and leave it in the fridge, it's safe to say ALL of your coworkers will help themselves. 

Unless you do something THIS extreme.

A cop in Halifax, England took a picture of the inside of the fridge at the station . . . where THREE different people have special LOCKS on their milk.  A bar goes through the handle, into a plastic cover over the milk, and it's padlocked.

We searched for quite a while but couldn't find the devices for sale anywhere online . . . maybe they're homemade?  So if you want one, you'll probably need to study the picture and head to Home Depot for supplies.  Click here to see the photo.


UFO Hunters in Boston Get Lost And Have to Be Rescued By the Cops

I know that all UFO hunters are amateur UFO hunters.  I mean, there really isn’t any such thing as a professional UFO hunter, unless you’re a scientist for NASA or something.  But these guys are REALLY amateurs.

Three friends went out into the Blue Hills near Boston last week looking for UFOs.  And they found one!  Sort of.  I mean, they took a pretty weak picture of a white glow in the sky.  But they couldn't run out and tell the world about their groundbreaking photo, because they got lost.

They didn't have flashlights, their phones were dying, and they wound up having to call the cops to come rescue them.

A police helicopter finally found them SEVERAL hours later and rescued them.  None of them needed medical attention.  Click here to see the picture of the UFO they saw.