Dad's Enormous 2,261-Pound Pumpkin Breaks His Son's Record

October 11, 2016

Dad's Enormous 2,261-Pound Pumpkin Breaks His Son's Record

The Wallace family lives in Rhode Island and growing giant pumpkins is a family tradition.

In 2012 Ron Wallace broke a record with a pumpkin that weighed in at 2,261 pounds, making him the first person in the world to break the one-ton barrier.

And now his father, Richard Wallace, has broken his son’s record!

Richard submitted a pumpkin weighing 2, 261.5 pounds to the North American Giant Pumpkin Growing contest….crushing his son’s record and winning the grand champion trophy.


A Guy Did Donuts in Front of a News Crew During Hurricane Matthew

A reporter in Daytona Beach was out in the middle of Hurricane Matthew last Friday, when a guy in a black pick-up truck started driving around like an idiot in the background.

First he sped by and did a U-turn.  Then he drove by the camera again, and started doing donuts in the middle of an intersection.  So he obviously wanted to get on TV.  But it also made it easier for the cops to find him.

It turns out he's a 20-year-old named Brandon Ware.  Police tracked him down later that day and arrested him.  So now the news report and his mugshot are going viral because when they arrested him, he was wearing a T-shirt that said "[SCREW] Speeding Tickets." Stupid Criminals!!!

He's facing charges for reckless driving.

Click here to see his mugshot with the censored T-Shirt.


He Wore A Helmet, On His Head!

Police really wish they could unsee half of the things that they do.

Video has surfaced of authorities in the Czech Republic chasing a naked man on a motorcycle. And he was NAKED, like completely, although safety was an obvious concern so he did have a helmet on! On his head.

At one point, a driver in an Audi blocked the cops from getting to Naked Biker man. They did catch him eventually after he crashed and still managed to get his naked self up and try to run away.  

Click here to see the video.