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Dashcam Video Of Tiger Woods Being Arrested For DUI

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June 1, 2017

Dashcam Video Of Tiger Woods Being Arrested For DUI

The police have just released the dashboard video of the TIGER WOODS DUI arrest, and he's REALLY out of it. 

Actually its TERRIFYING when you think about how he was on the road in such condition.  He may not have had any alcohol in his system, but who needs booze when the pills can have that kind of effect on you? 

He was slurring his words, and seemed completely disoriented.  He couldn't even tie his own shoes.  When the cop asked him where he was going, he said he didn't know, he just, quote, "likes to drive." 



Sean Spicer Tries to Explain "Covfefe" 

PRESIDENT TRUMP's late-night Tweet where he was trying to type the word ‘coverage’, but it came our "Covfefe" instead, has become an international sensation.   

Now, the question is, could anyone make this MORE embarrassing?  SEAN SPICER to the rescue!

During a press briefing yesterday, Spicer was asked what "covfefe" means, and his answer made the room bust out laughing.  He said, quote, "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant." 


Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Getting Back Together?

Rumors have swirled that Mariah Carey is getting back together with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon

So TMZ caught up with the Mariah and asked for an update.  Of course, Mariah Carey was evasive in her response, saying, “We were married honey -- it took us two years to get divorced. He’s a great guy, he’s a great person, he’s a great father.”

When TMZ asked if Mariah had some marriage advice for their readers, Mariah said, quote, “Don’t do it.”