The Deadliest Dentist's Chair In America

Plus more Freak Files!

September 2, 2016

A Guy Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Dentist's Chair

Dentists do a great job inflicting pain on their own, you don't need to help them out.

65-year-old Jim Short from New Carlisle, Ohio went to the dentist on Wednesday morning and while he was sitting in the chair, he accidentally SHOT HIMSELF.

Apparently he brought his gun with him and when he reached into his pocket to check his cell phone, he accidentally pulled the trigger instead.  How could he confuse them? 

The cops think it's because he was getting pumped full of NITROUS OXIDE at the time, so he wasn't quite with it.  The bullet passed through his hand and hit his ribs.  So he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

He won’t be charged because he had a valid concealed weapon permit, and no one else got hurt. 


Man Immortalized on Google Maps With What Appears to be a Giant Pee Stain on His Pants

A guy named Joshua Justice works at a bar in Houston. 

He was cleaning up two months ago when he spilled a whole bunch of BEER on his pants . . . so he went outside to dry off in the sun. 

THAT'S when the Google Street View car just happened to drive by.  So he's immortalized on Google Maps as “The Guy Who Peed His Pants,” because it looks like a giant PEE stain on his pants. 

The photo just went up on Street View this week.  You've got to feel for this guy, although he IS the one who's drawing attention to it.  Click here to see his picture.

A Library Tries Using A Sonic Device To Repel Teenagers

A library in Christchurch, New Zealand has turned-to an unusual method to deter fighting teenagers from loitering in-and-around their building.

They installed a sonic-device that was originally designed to repel mosquitoes.  The device emits a high-pitched sound that only teenagers (and mosquitoes) can hear. 

The noise is completely undetectable by adults, but it drives teenagers crazy.  And, it’s working!  Teenagers are nowhere to be seen around the library. 

But of course, people have a problem with this.  The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties is suing the library for using the device, saying it’s a violation of human rights.