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Did Elton John Diss Donald Trump??

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November 28, 2016

Elton John Is Not Playing Donald Trump's Inaugural Ceremony

Last week, Donald Trump’s rep announced that Elton John would be performing at the president-elect’s inaugural ceremony.

But Elton John says – uh….no!

Elton didn’t pull any punches when denying the report, saying, "I don’t really want my music to be involved with an American election.  

I’m British.  I’ve met Donald Trump, he was very nice to me, it’s nothing personal, his political views are his own, but mine are very different.”


"Brady Bunch" Mom Florence Henderson Died on Thanksgiving 

FLORENCE HENDERSON died suddenly of heart failure on Thanksgiving. 

She was 82, and was best known for playing the mom Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch", but she was a star on Broadway before that.

Her death was a shock to her family because she hadn't been sick for very long beforehand.  In fact, she went to a live taping of "Dancing with the Stars" three days before, on Monday.  She was there to see Maureen McCormick, who played her daughter Marcia on "The Brady Bunch"

Maureen was on "Dancing with the Stars" this season . . . and of course, Florence did the show herself back in 2010, when she was 76.

Florence was hospitalized on Wednesday, just two days later, and then passed away the day after that, so apparently her condition went downhill fast.  There are no other details.


Kanye West Might Come Home Today 

Common knowledge has it that KANYE WEST was still in the hospital as of last night, but he might return home TODAY, under the care of his personal physician.

When Kanye was cuffed and hospitalized a week ago, they called it a temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and dehydration.  But TMZ says he's been dealing with serious paranoia and depression for a while, too.

On the bright side, he may not be out tens of millions of dollars for canceling the remainder of his tour.  He has an insurance policy that protects him from losses and liabilities for cancelations due to illness.

Meanwhile, "Us Weekly" says KIM KARDASHIAN has been by Kanye's side constantly, and has even been helping FEED him.