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Did the Patriots Sabotage The Steelers? (Dirt Alert)

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

January 20, 2017

Did the Patriots Swab the Steelers' Locker Room with the Flu Virus?  

The flu bug is making the rounds among Pittsburgh Steelers players, and since they play New England in the AFC title game this weekend, people are joking on social media that the Patriots might have somehow sent them the virus to get an upper hand.

Yes, the Patriots have a reputation for doing whatever it takes to gain a competitive advantage, a.k.a. CHEATING, but obviously, this is pretty over the top. 

But then again, nothing would surprise me these days!


Inauguration Random

This just may be a first:  Donald Trump will become president in the presence of two ex-wives.  

IVANA TRUMP and MARLA MAPLES will be at the inauguration. 


Drake Is Working On New Music With Jennifer Lopez

Not only are Jennifer Lopez and Drake working on a budding romance -- Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and Drake are also working on new music.

She told “Entertainment Tonight,” quote, “We did a song together. We’ll see if it’s on his next album -- but he just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we were doing.”

Meanwhile, J-Lo told “Extra,” that she doesn't know she and Drake will make any more music together, but she is open to it.


Another NFL Team Wants To Switch Cities!

First the Rams moved back to L.A. – then the Chargers also moved to L.A. – and now another NFL is officially requesting to move.

The Raiders want to leave Oakland.  Yesterday, the team filed for relocation to Las Vegas.  NFL owners are expected to vote on the move in March, and sports pundits are predicting that the move will be approved.

Las Vegas has approved the construction of a new $1.9 billion stadium for an NFL team that would be located just off the Las Vegas Strip.