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Did Stedman Give Oprah a Marriage Ultimatum? (Dirt Alert)

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January 25, 2017

Tabloid Trash:  Did Stedman Give Oprah a Marriage Ultimatum? 

31 years.  That's how long STEDMAN GRAHAM has been with OPRAH WINFREY without putting a ring on it. 

He's obviously a patient man, but patience has limits, and those limits have apparently been REACHED.

Radar Online says they had an "explosive fight" over the holidays, and he told her she either walks that aisle or he's GONE.  A source says that it may have WORKED, because the source says, quote, "After their fight, Oprah apologized to him and said they'd marry soon, and she'll give him a big chunk of her fortune."


George H.W. Bush and His Wife Barbara are Getting Better 

GEORGE H.W. BUSH and his wife are on the mend. 

BARBARA left the hospital Monday, after being treated for bronchitis.  And George could be home by Friday.  He was hospitalized for pneumonia and shortness of breath. 

He's 92, she's 91.


Fans Are LIVID About The Trailer For The Upcoming Lifetime Movie About Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ fans are livid about the Britney’s upcoming made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime Network.

Last year, when “Lifetime” announced they were working on a movie about Britney Spears, Britney made it VERY clear that she wanted nothing to do with it – and that the movie did NOT have her “blessing.”

Well, a clip from the movie surfaced on the Internet yesterday and fans immediately took to social media to sound off.

One fan wrote, “this is easily the saddest, laziest, thing you guys have ever produced. Britney Spears should be offended.”  Another said, “This looks awful and so disrespectful. Britney did right by not supporting this!”

I don’t think Britney fans have to worry too much about exposure from this movie.  After all, it premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, February 18th.