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Dirt Alert: Ben Affleck Gets An Extra Pat-Down From The TSA

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January 12, 2017

Ben Affleck Gets An Extra Pat-Down From The TSA

Nobody wants that extra pat-down from the TSA. 

Well, BEN AFFLECK got the extra pat-down.  Tuesday afternoon, airport security at LAX decided to make America safer by giving him the extra treatment.  And wouldn't you know it, TMZ got it on video.  (Click here to see it)

Ben didn't exactly put on a happy face, but he was totally cooperative while the agent did his thing.  The only problem is, if you watch this video, the security agent was very thorough, if you know what I mean.  A little too touchy, feely, if you get my drift.  

But Ben took all in stride; he even shook his hand when it was over.  That's patriotism, friends.


Drake Bought Jennifer Lopez A $100,000 Platinum Necklace

Jennifer Lopez and Drake have not confirmed the rumors that they are dating, but it’s pretty obvious.

They’ve been spotted making out at restaurants and clubs – and J-Lo has even posted pictures of them together on Instagram.  But now the relationship seems to be getting serious.

E! News has reported that the rapper bought J.Lo a platinum Tiffany necklace worth $100,000.  He apparently surprised her with the necklace on New Year’s Eve.   Click here to see it.


Is Miley Cyrus Married???

Did MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH make a mad dash to the altar on New Year's Eve?

A few online gossip sites are reporting that Miley and Liam enjoyed a last-minute wedding while both their families were in San Diego over the holidays

Apparently the families from both sides got word of the nuptials just hours before they said "I Do."



CHARLIE SHEEN has endured his fair share of meltdown moments and revealed on "Good Morning America" that there was a good reason why.

Charlie admits he was using testosterone cream and that’s when he started spouting that he had "tiger blood" and says the memories are fun to watch --but "also a little bit cringeable."