Dirt Alert: The Hoff Won't Be Hassled (As Much)

Plus: The latest celebrity divorce & a flashback to a Dirt Alert from 21 years ago

June 27, 2016

Today’s Dirt Alert, featuring idle gossip and unconfirmed rumors from less than credible sources! Here’s what is going on today…


The Hoff Won’t Be Hassled (As Much)

David Hasselhoff has made no secret of the fact that he is broke. 

We’ve been following his situation since he asked for a judge to lower his monthly spousal support payments to his ex-wife, Pamela Bach last year. 

Well, The Hoff scored a big victory yesterday when Pamela agreed to reduce the monthly spousal support checks from $21,000 ---down to $10,000.

The judge has already approved the new agreement.


The Latest Celebrity Divorce:  Nicolas Cage And Alice Kim!

It’s been said that actor Nicolas Cage is very difficult to work with…and it appears that his wife feels the same way!

Alice Kim is divorcing Nicolas Cage after 11 years of marriage.  They officially separated in January of this year, but Alice was ready to make things official.

Kim is 32 – 20 years younger than the 52-year old Nicolas Cage.  They have one son together, 10-year-old Kal-el Coppola Cage, named after Superman.

This was Cage’s 3rd marriage.  He was previously married to Patricia Arquette and then to Lisa Marie Presley.


A Dirt Alert From 21 Years Ago!

21 years ago today, in 1995: actor HUGH GRANT was arrested after being discovered in the act with Hollywood streetwalker DIVINE BROWN.

The real story was how this impacted JAY LENO, who managed to book Grant on his show just two weeks later and ask the question, "What were you thinking?"

The appearance turned his ratings around, he passed LETTERMAN and Jay never looked back.  And Grant was so charming in the interview that his career never suffered from the incident.