Dirt Alert: Led Zeppelin Offered $14 Million to Reunite

Plus Paris Jackson hits back at haters...and prepare for a change to Sunday Night Football

June 21, 2016

Was Led Zeppelin Offered $14 Million to Reunite for the Classic Rock Coachella?  

You can put a price tag on anything, but that doesn't mean you can buy it. 

Showbiz411.com claims LED ZEPPELIN was offered $14 MILLION to reunite for the Desert Trip festival . . . a.k.a. the Classic Rock Coachella.

The site says Jimmy Page was all about it, but Robert Plant wouldn't do it.  Everyone was offered the same money . . . $7 million per weekend, with the festival happening in Indio, California, over the two middle weekends in October.

Once again, the bill features:  Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, the Who, Roger Waters, and Bob Dylan.  One source says they had to pony up a little more for McCartney and the Stones.


Paris Jackson Didn't Want to Be Pressured Into Honoring Her Dad on Father's Day 

These days, if you don't do something on social media, it doesn't count. 

PARIS JACKSON, the daughter of Michael Jackson, found that out when she didn't Tweet a message about her father on Father's Day.  People let her have it, and she gave it right back to them.

She Tweeted, quote, "If you try to harass someone into posting online about a holiday (Father's Day), ask yourself if it's any of your business.  Having 8 tattoos dedicated to someone overrules a single post about them on a stupid social media account because of a holiday.  #JustMyOpinion"


Waiting All Day For Sunday Night

NBC says CARRIE UNDERWOOD will be doing a new version of it's "Sunday Night Football" theme song.

After 10 years, producer FRED GAUDELLI says they're booting the old version and Carrie's new version will be based on her 2014 hit, "Something Bad."