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Dirt Alert: Ratings for the NFL Playoffs Were Huge

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

January 17, 2017

Ratings for the NFL Playoffs Were Huge

Sunday's NFL playoff games were a huge ratings success.

An average of 48.5 million viewers watched the Green Bay Packers put an end to the Dallas Cowboys' championship ambitions – making it the most-watched NFL playoff game of all time

The audience for the game actually peaked with a massive 62.4 million viewers when the Cowboys briefly tied the game with less than two minutes on the clock.

The playoff game where the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs had great ratings, too, with an average of 37.1 million viewers. 

The NFL says that this bodes very well for the ratings of the Super Bowl.


Mariah Carey Was Paid Seven Figures to Perform at a Wedding

A Russian billionaire paid MARIAH CAREY "seven figures" to perform at a wedding in London over the weekend, even after her disastrous performance on New Year's Eve. 

Apparently, anything goes in Russia.

From the videos posted online, it seems like she was performing live.  She dedicated "We Belong Together" to the couple, and also sang "My All" and "It's Like That".  It's probably a safe bet that Dick Clark Productions wasn't involved.

And she wasn't even the only celebrity there.  Elton John also performed, and Antonio Banderas gave some sort of speech. 

(Here's video of Mariah, and another.)


The Inauguration Lineup

More changes in the Inauguration, for the umpteenth time. 

Yesterday, the guys from the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN tribute band, the B STREET BAND, which were scheduled to perform at the upcoming Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala, have withdrawn from the show.

Founder WILL FORTE says their withdrawal was "based solely on respect and gratitude" for Bruce and the E STREET BAND, given Bruce's previously stated feelings about President-elect DONALD TRUMP.

However, it now appears that TONY ORLANDO is in. Tony has been scheduled to perform at the Inauguration, and says, quote, "I am an entertainer.  I'm not a politician.  I have worked for Republicans and Democrats, and I honestly can't distinguish, in my audience, Republicans from Democrats, and I'm not going to try to start now."