Dirt Alert: Taylor Who?? Calvin Harris moves on!

Plus: Johnny Manziel is up to his typical antics ... John Mayer is ready to settle down ... and Rihanna gives her fans pizza

June 30, 2016

Taylor who?

While ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have been very publicly canoodling all over the world, Calvin Harris has been laying low, until now.

Calvin hit Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on a yacht with a few guy friends and a bevy of very happy, attractive women. He posted a selfie with the ladies on Snapchat with the cryptic caption: "I write songs."


Johnny Manziel Says He's Going Sober Tomorrow 

JOHNNY MANZIEL has been partying with about 20 other people at a rented house in Mexico this week.  But maybe it's just his big send-off before he CLEANS UP HIS ACT.

Yesterday, TMZ re-posted a picture a woman at the house took, showing her hand holding several packets of a suspicious WHITE POWDER, and they asked Johnny about it.  He said it wasn't his, and he doesn't even know the girl.

He added that he's going COMPLETELY SOBER tomorrow.  He's also going to start eating right and working out, because he still thinks he can make it in the NFL.

Last week, Johnny's own father called him a "druggie" and said he needed help.  On Tuesday, Johnny responded by posting a picture of himself living it up in Mexico, along with the hashtag, "Hi Dad."


Ladies: John Mayer Is Ready To Settle Down

John Mayer may be a notorious ladies man, but he says he is finally ready to settle down.

John is 38-years old and says he is “ready to find a nice girl and settle down.”  His roster of previous romantic interests includes Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, and Taylor Swift.


Rihanna Sent Pizza to Fans Who Waited in the Rain for Her Show 

Fans who wanted to see RIHANNA's show in Manchester, England yesterday had to stand in line for hours . . . IN THE RAIN. 

And while she didn't offer to share her umbrella with them, she DID send 20 boxes of pizza and towels so people could dry off.

An unofficial Twitter account for her Anti World Tour posted a picture.  And one fan said, quote, "It was sent with a message from Rihanna, apologizing for the weather."