Dirt Alert: What Divorce Looks Like in 2016

Plus, Prince does not have a secret son & the latest Internet challenge

June 23, 2016

What Divorce Looks Like in 2016 (Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams)

This is what divorce looks like in 2016: 

MANDY MOORE, who made her splash in the 90’s with hits such as “Candy” and “I wanna be with you” just divorced her husband, RYAN ADAMS, and here's how it shakes down:

She's keeping the house and the Prius . . . and here's what he gets:  His comic book collection, the pinball machines, a 2008 Porsche Carrera, and a '59 Cadillac.  You know, all the FUN STUFF.

His haul is worth more than hers, so he's paying her $425,000 in cash to even it up.  But nobody's getting spousal support.  Mandy and Ryan were married for six years.


Prince Does Not Have An Estranged Son

Remember back in May when a prison inmate named Carlin Williams claimed that he was Prince’s secret biological son and the rightful heir to his fortune?

Yeah – he’s not.

Lab results that were released yesterday show that a DNA test proves that there is a 0.0% chance that Prince is Carlin’s father.


David Duchovny Wants to Make Dog-Licking the New Ice Bucket Challenge 

Could this be "the next Ice Bucket Challenge"?

DAVID DUCHOVNY hopes it is, although his idea is actually kind of gross.  David is HUGE into animal charities, and he's trying to raise money for Target Zero, an organization that's trying to end euthanization at animal shelters. 

So his idea is the Lick My Face campaign.  And it works like this:  You put peanut butter on your face and let your dog lick it off.  Then you donate a dollar for each lick.  And of course, you post video of it online, and challenge two friends to do it, too.