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Dirt Alert: Will Flo Rida Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration?

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January 13, 2017

Will Flo Rida Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration?

Rumors are going around that rapper, Flo Rida, will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration – but he won’t do it for free. 

According to RadarOnline,  Flo Rida will be paid $1-million-dollars for the performance and he will use that money to pay-off the $1.2 million he owes in back taxes.

Flo Rida hasn’t confirmed nor denied the rumors.


San Diego Chargers Fans Are Not Happy About the Move to L.A. 

Big news out of the NFL, and its official, the San Diego Chargers are now the L.A. Chargers! 

The San Diego Chargers are moving back to L.A. for the 2017 season, ending a 56-year-run in San Diego.  And the fans are NOT happy.

One guy was so fed up that he went down to the Chargers' building and Periscoped himself throwing a dozen eggs at it. 

Other fans protested by going to the Chargers' facility and dumping their jerseys, shirts, and other gear in a pile in the parking lot. 

Meanwhile, the team has already released its new logo (click here to see it), which is a cross between the logos of the L.A. Dodgers and the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning.


Four People Have Been Charged in the Kim Kardashian Robbery 

According to a source at NBC News, four of the 17 people arrested for the armed robbery of KIM KARDASHIAN have been formally charged.

A 63-year-old man identified as Yunice A. was charged with committing a robbery with a gun, abduction, and association with criminals.

A 64-year-old person identified as Marceau B. was charged with concealment in an organized gang and association with criminals.

45-year-old Florus H. was charged with complicity in a robbery with a gun, complicity in abduction and sequestration, and association with criminals.  And a 27-year-old man named Gary Madar was charged with conspiracy. 

Interestingly enough, he's the brother of Kim's limo driver . . . who WAS arrested, but has reportedly been cleared of all suspicion.