Do You Have A Snake In Your Christmas Tree?

Plus more with our "Freak Files!"

December 20, 2016

A Snake In Your Christmas Tree

A lady in Australia received what is probably the worst Christmas present ever.

The Melbourne woman --named CHERYL-- discovered a venomous snake hiding in her Christmas tree.  She called in an expert snake catcher who identified the serpent as a deadly tiger snake.

Trapper BARRY GOLDSMITH says the three-foot Tiger snake could have easily been mistaken for tinsel. He caught the snake and released it back into the wild. Goldsmith says it was "just another day in the office" for him.

Remember, the tiger snake is the most venomous snake in the world.  To put it into perspective, the rattlesnake commonly found here in America is the 10th most venomous snake in the world, so  I guess one take on that would be to say that the Tiger snake is 10 times more venomous than our rattlesnakes!!!


Someone Stole a $1,400 Christmas Sign That Said "Joy"

There's a chocolate factory near Palm Beach, Florida called Hoffman's that puts up a massive Christmas sign that lights up and spells the word "JOY". 

Each letter is about six feet tall, and it cost $1,400.  But someone STOLE it recently.  Yes, some scrooge literally stole their Christmas "JOY", and their security cameras got it on video.

The guy pulled up in front of the factory the other night, cut the cords to the sign, stacked the letters up in his truck and took off.  The footage was too blurry to get his license plate, but the cops are investigating.

A spokesman for the store said they're also offering a bunch of FREE CHOCOLATE to anyone who turns him in.

This part's pretty cool though.  A crew from the Lowe's store where they bought the sign showed up on Friday and replaced it for FREE. 

Click here to see  a photo of the sign before it was stolen.


Losers In Lockup: Shoplifting Twins

New Jersey police nabbed a pair of shoplifting twin brothers.

LENNY and KENNY STEWART allegedly entered a supermarket, tossed nearly 200 bars of Dove soap into a bag, and ran out without paying.  

Police say the twins ran straight into a garbage can and fell down. Then, they got back up and ran into a shopping cart. With employees on their tail, the pair kept running. They rounded a corner and ran right into a police officer who was there investigating another incident.

They were finally apprehended and cited for shoplifting.