DOH! Dad Accidentally Eats His Kids' Pot Brownies

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August 19, 2016

Dad Accidentally Eats His Kids' Pot Brownies

53-year-old Michael Gollehon of Omaha, Nebraska was putting away some groceries on Tuesday when he saw a batch of brownies that belonged to his adult children, and he ate four of them.

A little while later, he started getting anxious and feeling really strange.  And that's when he and his wife Julie realized he'd eaten POT BROWNIES.  So they called 911 about an accidental overdose.

When the cops got there, they found Michael crawling around and calling the family cat nasty names!!  The paramedics checked his vitals and he was okay, so they helped him into his bed and headed out.

Julie wouldn't tell the cops her kids' names because she didn't want them to get in trouble, but the cops say there weren't going to be charged anyway.  Click here to see a picture of Michael.


A Cop Borrows a Little Kid's Bike to Take Down a Criminal on the Run

You know how cops in the movies sometimes commandeer people's cars to chase a criminal, and usually it just so happens to be a totally SWEET ride like a Ferrari? 

This is the real-life version and its way cooler than any movie!!

A cop in Bamberg, Germany tried to pull over a 27-year-old drunk driver on a moped on Tuesday.  But the guy sped off, so the cop chased him until the guy went down a path that was big enough for his moped but not for the cop car.

So the cop got out and immediately saw his answer:  A little kid's bike.  He took the bike and started furiously pedaling it down the path.  Apparently the cop is a heck of a cyclist, because he actually caught up with the guy and arrested him.

The only downside is that the kid hasn't been reunited with his bike yet.  His parents have to call the station to set up a time and they haven't reached out yet. 


A Woman and Her Seven Pit Bulls Are Attacked by a Vicious Cat?

How about a cat that attacks dogs!  Not just dogs, but pit bulls!!!  That's not how ANY of this is supposed to work.

A woman named Kyla Grover in Victoria, British Columbia was walking her seven pit bulls on Monday night, when suddenly an ANGRY CAT popped out of the bushes.

You'd think the cat wouldn't mess with a human and seven big dogs . . . but not this cat.  It ATTACKED.  And the pit bulls just stood there barking and getting their leashes tangled while the cat got VICIOUS.

Kyla and one of her pit bulls had to go to the hospital for some serious cat bites and scratches.  The cat's owner agreed to pay the medical bills.