Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Reunited

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July 20, 2017

Kenny and Dolly For The Last Time

DOLLY PARTON will join KENNY ROGERS --now 78 years old-- in a final tribute concert this October.

The special, recorded in Nashville on Oct 25, will also include IDINA MENZEL, ALISON KRAUSS and the FLAMING LIPS as well as Dolly, who joined with Kenny on their hit song, "Islands in the Stream."

The upcoming concert will only be the third time Kenny and Dolly have sung together in 27 years. He told Billboard he was "uncomfortable" about the tribute concert but promised "a fun night."


Could O.J. Simpson Be Denied Parole?

O.J. SIMPSON will have a parole hearing today, but it might not go his way all because of some complications between him and a female prison guard. 

He could be facing disciplinary action, and the parole board might not be happy about it.  Most reports indicate that O.J. has been a model prisoner, so this could be one of the few blemishes on his record. 

O.J.'s hearing is at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time today.  If it goes his way, he could be released as early as October 1st.  We should brace ourselves for the real possibility that he gets out.  Remember, he's not in prison for murder.  He was found INNOCENT of those charges.

He's been doing time for those kidnapping and armed robbery charges.   


Member of The Memphis Mafia Has Died

RED WEST, part of ELVIS PRESLEY's "Memphis Mafia" has passed away.

The New York Times says he was 81 years old.  Red knew Elvis when they were kids and stayed friends throughout the years.  Red lived at Graceland and traveled with The King wherever he went.

You can also see Red in 18 of Presley's movies.  Red was fired by Elvis Presley's father, VERNON, two weeks before Elvis died.

He did some acting on his own too in the "Walking Tall" movies in 1973 and '75, along with the PATRICK SWAYZE classic, "Road House" in 1989.