Don't Park In The Faculty Lot Or You'll Face The Consequences

August 4, 2016

A Teacher Let the Air Out of a Student's Tires For Parking in the Faculty Lot

By the end of the school year, I'm sure most teachers are COMPLETELY sick of their students, actually, probably by Columbus Day. 

Either way, it explains how ridiculous things like this happen.

52-year-old Edward Kimble is a teacher at Pomperaug High School in Southbury, Connecticut.  And back on June 1st, he saw one of the students park their car in the faculty lot.  So he decided to get revenge, by letting the AIR out of the tires. 

The only problem is, he didn't realize that the kid had gotten permission to park there because the student lot was full.  Anyway, even though that sounds like a pretty decent prank, believe it or not, that's enough to get you arrested these days. 

The cops just traced it back to Edward, and he turned himself in on reckless endangerment charges. There's no word on whether the school is going to fire him. 


Stupid People, Stupid Places

A man posted on Reddit that he was touring the McClellan Nuclear Research Centre in California when he leaned over a railing with his phone to snap a pic of the glowing water, and dropped his phone into the glowing water.

Must not have been the first time it's happened because as 100 people looked on silently in horror, a worker grabbed a skimmer net and scooped it out.  

The man was given back his phone saying, "The room was quiet for about 10 seconds and everybody was just taking in what just happened and watching my phone sink slowly. Now I'm hoping my 'waterproof' S5 will hold its own against some reactor water."

So far it seems that it is --he used it to post the story to Reddit.


Olympic Gymnast Racks Up $5k Bill Trying To Play Pokemon In Rio

Kohei Uchimura is a Gymnast and is in Rio preparing to compete for Japan – and while he is feeling the pressure to come home with a gold medal, it’s the gyms of Pokemon Go that have caused him the most stress.

Kohei racked up a $5,000 phone bill because of the data roaming charges he suffered while playing Pokémon Go in Brazil. Kohei admits the $5,000 bill is completely his fault because he forgot to adjust his phone plan before setting off for Brazil.

But Kohei got lucky – he was ultimately saved from having to pay the entire bill after he explained what happened to his phone company.

They ended up charging him a much more manageable rate of around $30 per day.