Dr. Pat Clark's $25,000 Mouth Makeover! See the results!

Mouth Makeover winner Winnon Turner's transformation!

January 9, 2017

Each year, Mike and Mandy partner with Dr. Pat Clark to give away a $25,000 Mouth Makeover to a deserving individual. We go through dozens of applications to choose the perfect candidate. Our winner, Winnon Turner, was nominated by his wife. Here is her letter:

Dear Mike and Mandy, 

My husband, Winnon B. Turner, truely deserves a new smile. He does so much to take care of our family, and he does so much to help me take care of our rescue foster dogs. We have had over 250 dogs get adopted through our home since June 2013. He is a County Sheriff's Dispatcher, and his only concern is that his officers make it home safely at the end of their shift. He is always doing things for others, and it would be amazing to help him with a big issue he has. Growing up in a family of 6 kids made it pretty tough to get orthadontic care, and he is embarrassed about how is teeth are. He always covers his mouth. Some of his front teeth are almost perpendicular to how they should be, and his teeth are really crowded in front. If I could get this corrected for him, his smile would light up Shelby County. Please consider him for this contest.

- Cinthian Turner

Here is Mike and Mandy telling Winnon he has just won a $25,000 Mouth Makeover! 

Winnon Turner before:

And After Dr. Pat Clark's $25,000 Mouth Makeover! 

Congrats on your new smile, Winnon!