Drinking Axe Body Spray Won't Get You Out Of A DUI

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November 16, 2016

A Guy Sprays Axe Body Spray in His Mouth During a DUI Stop

45-year-old Patrick Butler from Rock Hill, South Carolina got pulled over on Monday when a cop saw him swerve into a curb.

As the cop was approaching, he saw Patrick SPRAYING something into his mouth.  When he got to the window, he realized it was Axe body spray.

It's not clear exactly WHY Patrick did that.  Maybe he thought it would hide the alcohol on his breath.  Maybe he thought it would fool a breathalyzer, or maybe he just wanted to smell good for the cop.  We're not sure.

But alcohol is a main ingredient in Axe, so it might have even made things WORSE.  He ended up failing all three roadside sobriety tests, and when he got to the police station, he was over the legal limit on the breathalyzer.  Stupid Criminals!!!! 

He was charged with a DUI.  Click here to see his mugshot.


"Banana" Throws a Plant at "Orange"

You'd think that these two people would be soul mates JUST on the basis of their last names alone.

A 29-year-old guy named Themba Banana from Blackburn, England was dating a woman named Sarah Orange earlier this year.

But a few months ago, they got into an argument and Banana threw a potted plant at Orange.  So he was arrested for assault.

He was in court this week and got community service and fines.  And she dumped him. 

A Pilot Tells Passengers They're Not Allowed to Talk About the Election

Two people had to be separated after they started arguing about the election last week on a United flight from San Francisco to Mexico. 

So the pilot got on the P.A. system, and basically told everyone they weren't ALLOWED to talk politics.

Apparently they hadn't taken off yet, because he said if anyone had a problem with it, they could catch a different flight the next day.  According to a spokesperson for United, there weren't any issues after that.