The Eagles are Suing Hotel California!

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May 3, 2017

The Eagles Are Suing a Mexican Hotel Called Hotel California 

Have ever wondered, just where is the Hotel California?

The EAGLES are suing a place called Hotel California.  It isn't actually in California, it's in Mexico.  But the band claims the owners are trying to make people think they're connected. 

They play "Hotel California" and other Eagles songs in the hotel.  They sell merchandise calling the hotel "legendary", which implies that it was actually the INSPIRATION for the song.

The suit says the hotel is infringing on the Eagles' Hotel California trademark and they're asking that the place be banned from using the name.  The song "Hotel California" isn't based on any particular place.  The building that’s on the cover of the album is the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Ironically, the band used the photo without the hotel's permission, and they were at one point sent a "cease and desist," before their lawyers settled it.


ABC Might Bring Back "American Idol" Without Ryan Seacrest 

ABC has entered the race to bring "American Idol" back to TV. 

And you'd think they have a leg up because they just brought RYAN SEACREST in to co-host "Live!" with KELLY RIPA.  But that's not exactly the case.

It's because of Ryan's commitment to "Live!" that it's likely he can't host.  ABC thought they could get "Idol" moved to New York to make it easier for him, but the producers said no.

This isn't anywhere near a done deal.  NBC and Fox were recently bidding for the show, and it sounds like those negotiations aren't entirely dead yet, either. 


Johnny Depp Refuses to Learn His Lines For Movies?

Another day, another fight between Johnny Depp and his former business managers.

Depp’s managers have already told us how reckless Johnny is with his money (like his $30,000-a- month wine budget --- and the $2 million bucks he spends every month on his high-flying lifestyle.)

Well, now his former business managers claim that Johnny Depp has such a sense of entitlement that he refuses to memorize his lines for movies.

Instead he pays a sound engineer a yearly retainer so that he can feed Johnny his lines through a hidden earpiece. And apparently, the sound engineer doesn’t come cheap, demanding a salary reported to be well into the six-figures.