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Ed Sheeran Is Our Celebrity of the Week! Here's Why...

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

November 17, 2016

Ed Sheeran Serenaded a Nine-Year-Old Girl in the Hospital 

There's a nine-year-old girl named Melody, who's a big ED SHEERAN fan but she can't go to see him in concert because she's spent 80% of her life in the hospital.

Melody suffers from a rare neurological disorder called 'Rett Syndrome.'  She can't walk or talk and tragically her body is in very rough shape.  But she can understand things, and she LOVES music, especially Ed Sheeran.

So, Ed surprised her at the hospital last week and serenaded her with a private performance.  He sang all her favorite songs, all the way through.  Melody was THRILLED, and her parents posted video and photos on Facebook.

They also posted a long 'thank you' afterward, quote, "I'm so glad she chose you to be her Prince.  To us, you are our hero.  I keep playing the videos over and over.  I can't help it.  Thank you for everything.  For just being you.  You are Melody's guarding Angel."  (Here's another video.)


Some Big-Time Celebrities Are Getting A Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America’s highest civilian honor, and yesterday President Obama named 21 people to receive the award – including some big-time celebrities like Bruce Springsteen.

Other famous faces that will receive the medal include: Robert DeNiro, Diana Ross, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan.

They will all receive their award at a ceremony later this year.


Charlie Sheen's Ex-Wife Went Off Her Meds and Took Their Twins on a Weird Journey 

Police were looking for CHARLIE SHEEN's ex-wife Brooke Mueller and their twins in Salt Lake City, Utah, when she was spotted with the kids at a bar and some other places looking high and disheveled. 

One of the places where she was spotted was in the parking lot of a car wash, attacking the kids.  A man who confronted Brooke told TMZ she seemed "high as a kite."

Police eventually located Brooke and the kids, and they're okay.  A source says Brooke went off her meds, and TMZ says she's been hospitalized for evaluation.  Brooke moved to Salt Lake City to go to rehab, and she's still getting outpatient treatment.