Election Decided By A Coin Toss (Freak Files)

April 24, 2017

Election Decided By A Coin Toss

The new mayor of Colp, Illinois, was decided by a coin toss.

Each of the two candidates only received eleven votes in the April 4th election.  So, Williamson County Clerk AMANDA BARNES flipped a coin Thursday to see whether the next town leader would be TAMMY O'DANIELL-HOWELL or BRYAN RIEKENA.

The winner turned out to be O’Daniell-Howell, who chose "heads." Colp is a small village of about 250 residents.  

And, in case you were wondering, Illinois law says all election ties must be settled by a coin toss.


Pigeon Builds A Nest In Pasta Strainer While Woman Is Away

A pigeon moved into Genevieve Roman’s Brooklyn apartment while she was out-of-town. Apparently the pigeon squeezed into the apartment through a window opening.

By the time the Genevieve returned home after a few months away, the pigeon had made herself at home -- even building a nest in a spaghetti strainer where her eggs are now waiting to hatch.

Instead of calling an exterminator, Genevieve embraced the pigeon.  She even named her Adelaide – and plans to let her stay at least until the eggs hatch.

Genevieve says that while Adelaide may not be able to help pay the rent, “She is a pretty nice roommate and doesn’t get on my nerves such as every other roommate I’ve had.”


Frozen Hash Browns Have Been Recalled Because They Have Golf Balls Mixed In?

If you cook up the frozen hash browns in your freezer, be careful . . . the little white chunks mixed in might not be onions.

Two of the biggest brands of frozen hash browns have just been recalled . . . because they contain pieces of GOLF BALLS.

McCain Foods USA just recalled Roundy's and Harris Teeter hash browns because, quote, "despite our stringent supply standards, golf balls may have been inadvertently harvested with potatoes used to make this product."

How exactly do you harvest golf balls?  They didn't say.  Were their potatoes grown on a driving range?  Are the hash browns packaged in a factory that also makes golf balls?  We may never know.

They say that no injuries have been reported by people swallowing golf balls parts . . . so far.