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Is Eli Manning using the name "Trump" to call plays?

October 25, 2016

Was Eli Manning Yelling “Trump” As A Signal During Last Sunday’s Game?

Even though it sounds like it, New York Giants quarterback ELI MANNING is denying he used the word "Trump" as an audible in Sunday's game against the Rams. 

He claims he was saying something "very similar" to Trump, but he can’t tell us what, cuz it’s a secret audible that is used to communicate with his teammates only!!!

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Orlando Bloom Rescued a Dog in China 

This is going to make ORLANDO BLOOM even more popular with the ladies:  Orlando took time off from filming his latest movie in China to RESCUE AN INJURED DOG.

He found the dog suffering and abandoned on the street in Shanghai, so he scooped her up and rushed her to the vet, where he was hands-on in her care, which included shaving and bathing her.

There's no word if he actually plans on bringing her home.  He already has a 13-year-old dog named Sidi.  But he documented the rescue on Instagram.  (And you can watch it here.)


Was the "Walking Dead" Season Premiere Too Violent? 

Unless you're in the middle of a complete social media blackout, then you know that Sunday night's season premiere of "The Walking Dead" was BRUTAL.

Most of the talk is around a scene where two guys get their heads bashed in with a baseball bat.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but for a lot of people, it was too much to take. 

You've probably already heard people on Facebook saying they won't watch anymore.  Not surprisingly, the Parents Television Council is among those who think the show went too far. 

PTC president Tim Winter even called for a rating higher than TV-MA for this level of violence.  And he accused the show of being LAZY.  Quote, "The creative team has resorted to the graphic violence as a crutch for what used to be better storytelling.”


The Guy Who Sang "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" Died 

DEAD OR ALIVE singer PETE BURNS died of a heart attack on Sunday. 

He was 57.  He's most famous for singing the one-hit wonder "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)".

His manager said he died from a massive cardiac arrest.