Ewwww. A Roach Falls From a Pizzeria's Ceiling Onto the Health Inspector's iPad

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July 1, 2016

Bad Luck License Plate

This is for those of you who rely on luck a little too much.   

One man in China spent $150-thousand dollars on a specialty license plate for his car that was only worth $15-hundred bucks, because he thought it would bring him luck.

The plate had five number 8's, all in a row.  Police were so convinced that it was a fake, they stopped him, EIGHT different times on the very first day that he had it.  Didn't bring luck --but it did bring the law.


A Roach Falls From a Pizzeria's Ceiling -- Onto the Health Inspector's iPad

Would you eat at a pizza joint that had cock roaches falling from the ceiling?  I hope not.

You’ll be happy to know that this story does have a happy ending because this pizzeria didn't just fail their health inspection . . . they NUKED it.

When the health inspector was walking through Argenti Pizza in Tamarac, Florida last week, a ROACH fell from the ceiling.  Anyone wanna guess where this roach fell?  It landed on the health inspector’s iPad.

He shut the place down until they can fix their roach infestation. 


A Sikh Man Uses His Turban to Save a Woman Who's Drowning

You've got to love a story like this, at a time when there's so much misguided suspicion about different cultures. 

There's a farmer named Avtar Hothi in Kamloops, British Columbia who's Sikh, so he always wears a turban.  He was working on his farm on Saturday night when he heard a woman screaming.

He and his son followed the screams to a creek, and they saw a woman who was struggling against the current.  She couldn't swim strong enough to get to the side, so she was in some serious danger of drowning.  That's when Avtar UNWRAPPED his turban, so he had about 10 FEET of cloth. 

Then he threw one end to the woman, she grabbed it, and he and his son pulled her to the shore.