Factory That Made the Exploding Samsung Batteries Caught on Fire

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February 9, 2017

The Factory That Made the Exploding Samsung Batteries Caught on Fire

Maybe it's time for this factory to focus on doing stuff that's a little less flammable.

You know those EXPLODING batteries from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s?  Well, the factory in Tianjin, China that made the batteries accidentally caught on FIRE yesterday.  Fortunately no one was hurt.

For what it's worth, the fire was NOT caused by an exploding battery . . . it was caused by an issue in the waste deposit area.  Still, it seems pretty fitting. . . . and FREAKY!


A Meth Lab At a Monastery?

Ever wonder how Buddhist monks keep their vow of poverty?

A monk in Yangon, Myanmar, was arrested with more than four million methamphetamine pills in his car and monastery!

He also had a grenade and ammo on him. The country of Myanmar is a major producer of meth and so the monks getting involved is not completely unusual.

The arrested monk will have to give up his monkhood and face trial like a normal person.


A Criminal Gets Stuck in a Chimney and Is Arrested . . . For the 77th Time

There's a guy in Louisiana who's been arrested a ridiculous SEVENTY-SEVEN TIMES. 

But as far as we know, this is the first time for doing a terrible impression of Santa Claus.  41-year-old Matthew Mobley from Alexandria, Louisiana tried to break into a store last Thursday night by climbing down the chimney. 

But, like pretty much everyone who's ever tried to break into a place by climbing down the chimney, he got STUCK.  Some employees got there the next morning and heard him yelling, so they called the cops.

And apparently, that gave Matthew the motivation he needed to get out . . . because just before they got there, he wiggled himself free, threw a brick at the employees, and ran away.

The cops tracked him down a few minutes later and arrested him for attempted burglary and aggravated assault.  Stupid Criminals!!! 

It's the 77th time he's been arrested, and most of them have been for burglaries.