Fake Police Officer Arrested After He Tries To Pull Over A Real Cop

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December 13, 2016

Fake Police Officer Arrested After He Tries To Pull Over A Real Cop

Impersonating a police officer is never a smart plan and 22-year-old Nicholas Keeton is learning that the hard way.

Nicholas drives a Chevy Impala that he tricked-out with flashing lights and a siren – so that it looked just like a police car.

He used this car to pull people over for allegedly speeding, and offer to let them go without a ticket – if they gave him a cash bribe.

Well, Nicolas pulled over the wrong person over the weekend – an off duty cop – who immediately knew Nicholas wasn’t a cop.  Stupid criminals!!!

Nicholas was arrested and charged with false impersonation of a law enforcement officer.


Not So Stupid Criminals!!!

Thieves in Worthington, England, posed as mannequins next to the real ones at Beales department store and waited until the store closed to steal over $12-thousand dollars’ worth of designer clothing.

The store has a motion-sensor alarm that would have been triggered when they broke in.  It took police some time but they finally figured out what the thieves did.  An employee said, "They probably dressed in clothes identical to those worn by the mannequins and stood there, not moving a muscle till the shop shut and everyone went home. Imagine if they wanted to sneeze or had an itch they couldn't scratch!"

The alarm went off when they escaped and police are searching for the suspects.


Drone Attack At A Wedding

Two women have filed a lawsuit after reportedly being smacked in the heads by a drone during a wedding.

KNEENA ELLIS and KELLY EATON say they were at a wedding reception in New Hampshire when a drone attacked them on the dance floor.  According to the lawsuit, the groom BARRY BILLCLIFF was using the device to take pictures of the event.  

Billcliff admits he owns the drone but says he wasn't the one piloting it when it allegedly collided with the guests. The women claim they suffered concussions and emotional injuries.