Family Terrified Of Leaving Home After Giant Spider Shows Up On Window

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July 27, 2017

Family Terrified Of Leaving Home After Giant Spider Shows Up On Window

It seems as a general rule, bugs are just bigger and scarier in Australia.

Lauren Ansell from Mount Coolum in Queensland got a good scare the other night when she discovered a huge huntsman spider on the outside of a glass door at her home. The spider wouldn’t let Lauren OR her boyfriend leave the house.

Eventually they tried to squish it in the sliding glass door, and the creature lost two legs, but that didn’t stop the spider from scurrying away into their garden.

Huntsman spiders are known for having an impressive leg span of 10 to 12 inches. Lauren says they haven't seen the creature since the incident, but she did post a picture and video of the huge spider.  Click here to see them.


"Suspicious Vehicle" Had No Doors, No Plates, and an Ax Embedded in the Roof

We see a lot of stories about criminals who get pulled over for things like broken taillights, but this is a whole new category of stupid . . .

Someone in Upstate New York called the cops on Monday to report a "suspicious vehicle" about 40 miles southeast of Buffalo, and when cops saw it at an intersection, they knew they had the right car, because it had no windshield, no doors, no license plates, and there was an AX embedded in the roof. 

It's not clear how the ax got there or WHY it was there.  But the driver was highly intoxicated.  21-year-old Jared Price was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs and alcohol.

They also cited him for driving without plates, without a registration, without insurance, and without a front windshield.  Stupid Criminals!!!  Click here to see his mugshot and a picture of his car.


A Pregnant Woman Successfully Fights Off a Purse Snatcher--Then Gives Birth

When you're nine months pregnant, you never know what's going to induce that baby to FINALLY come out. 

Spicy food?  Jumping rope?  How about fighting crime?? 

A woman in Flint, Michigan who was nine months pregnant was in the parking lot at a grocery store last week, when 30-year-old Mark Newton ran up and grabbed her purse.

The woman managed to chase him down and CATCH him, even though she was massively pregnant.  He pushed her down, and that's when two strangers saw what was going on and got involved.

They grabbed Mark, got the woman's purse back, and held Mark down until the cops got there.  He was arrested for unarmed robbery.  And 1hour later, woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy.