Farmers Are Feeding Cattle SKITTLES? (Freak Files)

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January 20, 2017

What Are Our Farmers Feeding Their Cattle?

Thousands of red Skittles spilled onto a highway in Wisconsin on Tuesday. 

And here's the FREAKY part.  It’s kind of gross too.  The Skittles were on their way to a farm, where they were supposed to be fed to a bunch of COWS. 

Apparently this is nothing new.  For years, candy companies sell the candy that is not good enough for human consumption to cattle farmers, who use it as feed because it gives cows the same calorie count as corn – but costs a LOT less.

There may even be a silver lining to the spilled Skittles:  police say that the sticky coating on the Skittles actually provided some much-needed traction on the formerly icy road.


Stupid Excuses For Speeding!

A New Hampshire driver was allegedly caught doing almost a hundred miles-an-hour in a snowstorm.

It’s the excuse she uses when she finally got caught is what makes this such an entertaining Freak File! 

State Police say 21-year-old ANASTACIA HOCKING was clocked doing 91 on Interstate-93 in Concord Wednesday morning. The speed limit on that stretch of road ranges between 55 and 65. The highway was also covered in hazardous and sloshy snow at the time thanks to a bad storm.

Cops say, when they questioned Hocking, she explained she was driving fast because she had an appointment to get a new car stereo installed. She was arrested on charges of reckless driving.


A Driver Holds Up Her Can of Michelob Ultra When a Cop Asks If She's Been Drinking

Michelob Ultra would have to be considered a “Near Beer”, but it still technically counts as alcohol. 

So with that in mind, we have this:  35-year-old Joanna McDaniel from Ocklawaha, Florida was pulled over on Saturday when a cop saw her driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

When he asked her if she'd been drinking, Joanna responded by lifting up her can of Michelob Ultra.  So she was arrested for drunk driving.   Stupid Criminals!!!  Click here to see her mugshot.