The First Terrible Selfie Injury of 2017

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January 3, 2017

The First Terrible Selfie Injury of 2017

It took less than one full day before 2017 ALREADY had its first major selfie injury.

A 41-year-old woman named Muriel Benetulier from France was visiting Thailand over the holidays.  When she was hiking through a national park on New Year's Day, she decided to crouch down next to a crocodile for a selfie.

But, it promptly bit her leg, and she was rushed to the hospital where she's still recovering from her injuries.  

Click here to see some photos of her being rescued.  Sadly, we don't have a copy of her selfie.


Bathrooms in Japan Now Have Special Toilet Paper For Wiping Your Phone

You probably use your phone when you're on the toilet and in the process, it's getting BLASTED with all sorts of disgusting particles and germs. 

So one cell phone company in Japan just came up with a solution.  They've started installing dispensers with special TOILET PAPER for wiping your phone screen at the airport in Tokyo. 

Apparently the wipes help disinfect your screen to make everything a little less filthy and more sanitary.

There's no word on whether they're planning on expanding to more locations, or if the wipes could find their way over here.  Click here to see a picture.


Two Moose Locked Antlers, Then Fell in a Frozen Lake

Hikers in Alaska found two moose earlier this month that got their antlers locked together while they were fighting.

Then they fell into a lake, and got FROZEN in about eight inches of ice, so just their antlers and the tops of their bodies were sticking out.

According to "National Geographic" it's rare for moose to get locked together like that at all.  And the whole frozen-in-ice thing makes it even weirder.  Click here to see some pictures.