Follow the Beer?

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March 7, 2017

Cops Catch an Escaped Inmate by Following His Trail of Beer Cans

They always say, “Follow the money,” but in this case it’s, “Follow the beer!” 

39-year-old Travis Pratt broke out of jail in Wise, Virginia on Saturday.  Then he stole a truck and got himself some beer.  Apparently he was just pounding the beers and throwing his empties into the truck bed, and that turned out to be his critical mistake.

Because the cans were flying out onto the road and the cops were able to follow the trail of beer cans RIGHT to where Travis was hiding.

He's facing charges for destruction of property, felony escaping, and resisting arrest.

Stupid Criminals!!!!

And he'll probably also be charged for stealing the truck and littering the highway!  Click here to see his mugshot.


Guy Gets 5 Years in Prison, Because He Left His Trial Before the Jury Found Him Innocent

It really pays to be optimistic. 

49-year-old Allen Cochran was in court last week in Norfolk, Virginia, facing two felony charges.  He was accused of stealing $33 worth of sharp cheddar cheese from a grocery store in 2015.  The second charge was for not showing up at a previous court hearing.

The good news for Allen is the jury found him NOT GUILTY of stealing the cheese.  But unfortunately, he wasn't there to hear the verdict, because he didn't show up.

He sat through the whole trial last Thursday, but he didn't come back for the verdict on Friday, because he thought they'd find him guilty.  But when he didn't show up for the verdict, the jury decided to give him the maximum sentence of FIVE YEARS in jail.

Now he's on the run.  As of last night, the cops were still trying to track him down.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Pineapple On a Pizza??

Pizza toppings are always a source of debate, but regardless, if you order a pizza with certain toppings, you expect it to be delivered as ordered, right? 

Someone in Arizona claims they ordered a pizza the other day, and they wanted that “Hawaian Styled” pizza.  You know, with Canadian bacon and pineapple.  Some people swear by this pizza topping, most of us don’t. 

However, the person making the pizza refused to put pineapple on it.  They taped a $5 bill to the inside of the box, so they weren't charged for the extra topping. 

Then they wrote, "Couldn't bring myself to put pineapple on it.  That's gross."