Forget Traffic, Swim to Work!

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August 1, 2017

A Guy Who Works Next to a River Avoids Traffic by Floating to Work

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, especially when you’re on your way to work. 

Well Benjamin David, who lives in Munich, hated sitting in traffic every day.  Then he realized his office was straight down RIVER from where he lives.  So instead of driving or taking the bus, he avoids all the traffic by SWIMMING to work every day. 

He puts his clothes and computer in a waterproof bag that's also a floatation device.  So he can just hang onto it and float if he wants to.

He's in the middle of a big city, so it's not the cleanest river in the world.  He wears sandals to make sure he doesn't step on broken glass or anything sharp.

But it's still so much nicer than driving; he even wears a wetsuit and does it during the winter sometimes.  Click here to see a picture of his commute.


The Freak Files Are Never Dull or Boring

Three really uninteresting and unexciting towns have joined forces.

The towns of Boring, Oregon and Dull, Scotland became sister cities back in 2012. Now, they’ve invited the community of Bland Shire, Australia, to join up with them.

Officials say the relationship between Dull and Boring has boosted tourist interest in both towns. DENNIS MELLOY of Dull, Scotland, says the relationship with the other two towns has "created a real feel-good factor for their communities."

The trio is now looking to invite other similar towns into the fold. Melloy adds, "We've found Ordinary and Dreary, both in America, and I think they could soon be part of it all."

Thieves Steal $590,000 Worth Of iPhones From Moving Delivery Truck

Thieves in The Netherlands didn't let highway speeds deter them from robbing a truck.

5 Romanian men pilfered $590,000 worth of iPhones from a truck that was driving down the highway!

The men allegedly pulled off their heist by driving a modified van so close to the truck that one of the suspects was able jump onto the truck without being noticed, break-into the cargo area, and pass boxes and boxes of iPhones to their van.

Police arrested all five of the men and say they belong to a gang suspected of committing 17 other robberies.