Fox and NBC are in a Bidding War to Bring Back "American Idol!"

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March 29, 2017

Fox Is in a Bidding War to Bring Back "American Idol" One Year After They Canceled It? 

As we've heard, there's talk that NBC is interested in reviving "American Idol", which seems a little crazy since it just finished a 15-year run 10 MONTHS AGO, and there's also the fact that NBC already have "The Voice".

But now the situation is even MORE inexplicable, because NBC is reportedly in a bidding war with another network for "Idol" . . . and that network is Fox, the same network that just canceled the show last May. 

TMZ claims both NBC and Fox want to have RYAN SEACREST back as host and that NBC would plug "Idol" in so that they could give "The Voice" a rest, by airing it just once a year.

Supposedly, Fox "never gave up" on the show, it just became too expensive to produce the way it was set up.  If they got the show back, it would be done cheaper, with a whole new panel of judges.


Rhea Perlman & Danny DiVito Separate 

RHEA PERLMAN and DANNY DeVITO have called it quits for the second time.

DeVito broke the news on "CBS Sunday Morning" that they're, quote, "not getting a divorce" but are separated.  Rhea and Danny hooked up back in 1971, have been married 35 years and originally went their own ways in 2012.

The longtime lovebirds have four adult children and Danny says they still love each other.


Cancel That First Pitch!!

The Washington Nationals say PRESIDENT TRUMP will not be tossing out the first pitch to open the baseball season because of a scheduling conflict.

Politico reports Trump was "in talks" with the team about taking the mound during Washington's home opener this coming Monday against the Florida Marlins, but later had to cancel.

Trump actually tossed out the first pitch before a Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park in 2006, so it's possible he might do it next year.