A Fox Steals All Of A Family's Hidden Easter Eggs (Freak Files)

April 19, 2017

Family Wakes-Up On Easter To Find A Fox Had Stolen All Their Hidden Eggs

You can hide Easter eggs for your kids, but that doesn't mean they're hidden from a fox.

Katie and Micah Joffee said they hid dozens of candy-filled plastic eggs around the outside of their Virginia home on Saturday night, but when they woke up NONE of the eggs were there!

The couple said they initially suspected teenagers were behind the Easter morning heist, but they reviewed footage from their security cameras – and discovered that the thief was a FOX!

Apparently the fox stumbled upon one of the hidden eggs and quickly figured out they were everywhere.  So, the fox spent about an hour running around the yard, stealing every egg he found. 

When he was done, all that was left was a few scattered, chewed-up eggs.


A Woman Destroys Her Boyfriend's Truck After He Calls Her Fat

Technically this woman is a criminal, but in a lot of ways, you can’t blame her for what she did. 

25-year-old Kari Marie Corwin from Umatilla, Florida was having a cocktail with her boyfriend on Saturday when he did the unthinkable.  He called her FAT.

Kari had a not-so-surprising reaction.  She grabbed a tire iron and smashed the HELL out of his truck.  By the time the cops got there, the truck was trashed. 

Kari was arrested for criminal mischief.  Click here to see her mugshot.


Woman Wearing Pajamas Robs Six Utah Banks

When Bonnie and Clyde used to rob banks, they’d do it wearing the nicest clothes they have. 

Well, our Stupid Criminal was just too lazy to get dressed up for her bank heists.  A Utah woman has been arrested after she robbed at least 6 banks – while wearing pajamas!

40-year old Nannette Perkina, was caught wearing pajamas on surveillance cameras at 6 different Salt Lake City banks as she robbed them – and 5 of those robberies happened just 2-hours apart!!

Stupid Criminals!!!

Police say that Nannette faces felony robbery charges – and that she should probably wear nicer clothes when she sees a judge.