Freak Files: Brawling Paramedics

Plus dropkicking birthday cakes and an armored truck loses $20,000!!

June 20, 2016

Two Paramedics Get Into a Brawl and Destroy a Neighborhood

Being a paramedic has to be RIDICULOUSLY stressful, but there have to be better ways to blow off steam than THIS.

Two paramedics were dropping off a patient in Duluth, Georgia on Wednesday, and then they started BRAWLING right there in the person's front yard.  One of them is 22-year-old Kyle Lathon, and the other guy's name wasn't released.

It's not clear WHY they were fighting, but we know how it ended:  Kyle jumped into the ambulance and drove off.  He drove across five people's yards and knocked down mailboxes, trees, and anything else in his path.  Basically, he messed up a good portion of the neighborhood.

Oh . . . and the other paramedic was hanging onto the bumper the whole time.  Kyle was arrested for hit and run, reckless conduct, and criminal trespassing.  There's no word on whether the other guy is also going to be facing charges. 


Armored Truck Door Pops Open And Over $20,000 Falls Out

You can try to lock your money up in an armored truck, but there is still no guarantee it will be safe.

In Providence, Rhode Island the crew of a Brinks armored truck lost over $20,000 when the truck’s back door accidently popped open while they were driving and 3 large bags of cash fell into the road.

The bags were ripped open by passing vehicles, and money was raining from the sky.

The crew pulled over to try to recover the money, but so did everyone else.  In the end, they lost $20,500.

Brinks’ international security manager is inspecting the truck and investigating the incident.


A Mom Didn't Like How a Grocery Store Made Her Son's Birthday Cake So She Dropkicked It

I GUESS you could arrest this woman over what happened here, bit it sounds more funny than malicious.

A woman went to a Kroger grocery store in Bloomfield Township, Michigan last week to pick up a birthday cake for her seven-year-old son.

She ordered a "Batman vs. Superman" cake, but apparently she felt like the bakery BOTCHED it.  So she went behind the counter to try to fix it herself.  When the employees told her she couldn't do that, she picked up the cake and DROPKICKED IT.

The cake and frosting flew all over the bakery section, and she stormed out.

It must be REALLY slow out in Bloomfield Township, Michigan because the cops are still investigating, and she could be looking at disorderly conduct charges.