Freak Files: Cats Take Revenge On An Animal Shelter!

Plus: A Stupid Criminal shoots-up a Taco Bell because they forgot his sour cream ... and a stolen dog that is returned home.

June 30, 2016

A Rescue Shelter Was Flooded Because the Cats Turned on the Water

A Humane Society rescue shelter in Pompano Beach, Florida was flooded last week and the staff originally thought a pipe burst.

But they quickly figured out that wasn't what happened.  No, in the middle of the night some of the cats had crawled up onto a sink, turned on the water, and it flooded the place. 

Sure, it was just an "accident, ", but you know, seeing how they’re cats, they could have turned it back off, they probably just didn't feel like it, because they’re cats.

Luckily no other animals were hurt in their attempted massacre.  But they did at least $5,000 in damage to the shelter. 


A Guy Shot at a Taco Bell Because They Forgot His Sour Cream

The world should realize that when you go to Taco Bell late at night, there's about a 99.999% chance they're going to screw up your order, or at least a part of it. 

So it shouldn't surprise you, or turn you into a Stupid Criminal!

A guy went through a Taco Bell drive-thru in Milwaukee right before they closed at midnight on Monday.  But when he started eating he realized they forgot to give him the SOUR CREAM he ordered.

He called them to complain, and the manager told him they were closed, but if he came back the next day, they'd give him a free meal.  That did NOT calm him down, because the guy drove back to the Taco Bell with his gun and he FIRED SHOTS at the drive-thru window.

Fortunately, it was made out of bulletproof glass so no one was hurt.  Bulletproof drive-thru window, it ALMOST seems like Taco Bell knew this was inevitable.

The cops are still trying to track him down.


Cops Tracked Down a Stolen Dog and Surprised the Owners with It

Someone broke into a couple's house in Fort Worth, Texas last month and stole a bunch of stuff, including their four-month-old DOG, Petey.

So they were obviously angry about the stuff, and REALLY upset about losing the dog.  But luckily the local police department was ON it.  Over the next two weeks, 13 different cops worked on the case, and finally managed to track down some of the stolen stuff at a pawn shop.

Then they figured out who pawned it, found their address, and when they searched the place, they found the dog AND the rest of the stuff.  So now the jerks who stole it are facing charges.

But instead of just telling the owners about it, the cops showed up with the dog to surprise them.  It turned out the family was in the middle of their 10-year-old daughter's BIRTHDAY party, so it worked out perfectly.

(Here's the video, and some photos from the reunion.)