Freak Files: A Family Lights Candles to Ward Off Evil Spirits and They Burn Down Their Home

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August 23, 2017

A Family Lights Candles to Ward Off Evil Spirits and They Burn Down Their Home

I'm pretty sure this family isn't going to mess with EVIL SPIRITS again, because the score now stands at Evil Spirits 1, Family 0.

A family in Costa Mesa, California held a ceremony on Tuesday night to ward off evil spirits, which involved lighting a bunch of candles.  And, they accidentally burned down their house.

Firefighters were able to put it out within 20 minutes to keep it from spreading and fortunately, no one was injured.  But I'm thinking no evil spirits were injured either, so it was NOT exactly mission accomplished.


A Guy Finishes a Nine-Month Stint in Jail, Then Punches a Guard on His Way Out

Even if you have the best intentions, some people just don't like being told what to do . . .

A 23-year-old guy in Connecticut named Marcus Colon was sentenced to nine months in jail for larceny last year.  He stole a car, and was involved in a string of burglaries.  Well, he did his time and was getting out, but then the guard who was escorting him out of the prison told him "don't come back."

Marcus responded by spinning around and PUNCHING him.  Several other guards ran in and pepper sprayed him, then dragged him back to his cell.  So he didn't even make it outside before he got arrested again.  Stupid Criminals!!!

It's not clear how much more time he'll get.  He's facing charges for assault on a public safety officer, and disorderly conduct.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Using Your Skills For All the Wrong Reasons

I guess you can call this, “The Crooks Who Got Away.” 

Thieves in Arkansas used a forklift to steal an entire ATM.

The Conway Police Department shared video showing the unidentified suspects lifting the cash machine off its foundation using the construction-grade forklift.   They quickly drop it into the bed of a waiting truck and speed off.

A bank employee noticed the ATM was missing the following morning and called police.  Cops don't have any suspects but think the thieves probably work in construction.