Freak Files: How Much Money Would You Save If You Didn't Buy Anything For a Year?

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January 12, 2017

How Much Money Would You Save If You Didn't Buy Anything For an Entire Year?

A woman named Michelle McGagh in London, England made a New Year's resolution last year to not buy ANYTHING in 2016.

The only things she spent money on were her mortgage, bills, insurance, and charity donations, which were about $2,300 a month.  Then she gave herself a budget for food and toiletries of $43 a week, or about $6 a day.

She canceled things like Netflix and her gym membership.  And, quote, "It meant no [movies], no nights at the bar, no carryout or restaurant meals, no new clothes, no vacations, and no [Starbucks]."

So how much money did she save last year?  $27,000.  NOW she's not sounding like such a lunatic, huh? 

She says she used the money to pay off a big chunk of her mortgage early, and now that she's not on the plan anymore, she's more or less lost the urge to make a bunch of frivolous purchases. 


Someone Called the Cops For Help Stopping the Wind So They Can Sleep

There were some very loud howling winds in Niagara Falls, New York on Tuesday, and at least one person couldn't fall asleep because of the noise.

So they did the only reasonable thing.  They called the cops.  Yes, they called the cops on the wind.

The police dispatcher alerted all the cars on patrol, quote, "Someone called to see if [we] could stop the wind from blowing so they could sleep.  If any of you could do that, could you let me know?"  There's no word if any cops WERE able to help. 


A Teenage Girl Accidentally Locked Herself In Cell At An Abandoned Prison

It sounds like a plot from a scary movie, but this happened in real life.

A teenager from Joliet, Illinois found herself trapped behind bars after exploring the abandoned Collins Street Prison with a friend and accidentally locking herself inside one of the old prison cells.

Police say the prison has been closed to the public since 2002, but the two girls managed to sneak through a hole in the fence on Monday afternoon.  Once the teen realized she was stuck, she called the fire department's non-emergency line.

Firefighters arrived in less than an hour and had to use a sledgehammer to break through a brick wall to set her free. All told, the teenager spent about 45 minutes “in jail.”

The two girls might have to go to a ‘real’ jail, because they still face trespassing charges for the incident.